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Variables and Outcomes in Patient Room Design: A Study of Design Hypotheses Article 2020 United States 12/05/2021
Visitor’s Experiences of an Evidence-Based Designed Healthcare Environment in an Intensive Care Unit Article 2020 Sweden 12/05/2021
Assessing the Supportiveness of Healthcare Environments’ Light and Color: Development and Validation of the Light and Color Questionnaire (LCQ) Article 2021 Sweden 10/05/2021
Built Environment Airborne Infection Control Strategies in Pandemic Alternative Care Sites Article 2020 United States 10/05/2021
Advancing evidence-based healthcare facility design: a systematic literature review Article 2020 United States 15/04/2021
Virtual Environments for Design Research: Lessons Learned From Use of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality in Interior Design Research Article 2020 United States 14/04/2021
Evidence and affect: employing virtual reality to probe what’s missing from evidence-based design research Article 2018 Australia 14/04/2021
Tietomallin pelillistäminen ja toiminnallisen suunnittelun menetelmä rakennusten suunnittelun apuna Thesis 2021 Finland 29/03/2021
Framtidens vårdbyggnadsstruktur - Hälso- och sjukvårdsbyggnader i regionerna efter omställningen Report 2021 Sweden 14/03/2021
Developing Evidence-Based Design Guidelines for Medical/ Surgical Hospital Patient Rooms That Meet the Needs of Staff, Patients, and Visitors Article 2020 United States 14/03/2021
Hospital Patient Room Design: The Issues Facing 23 Occupational Groups Who Work in Medical/ Surgical Patient Rooms Article 2015 United States 14/03/2021
Potential for Ageing at Home in the Finnish Apartment Building Stock: A Spatial Perspective on Renovation Thesis 2021 Finland 16/02/2021
Research for Dementia and Home Design in Ireland looking at New Build and Retro-Fit Homes from a Universal Design Approach Report 2015 European union 01/11/2020
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report - Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing Report 2017 Great Britain 31/10/2020
The Role of Adaptive Immersive Technology in Creating Personalised Environments for Emotional Connection and Preservation of Identity in Dementia Care Article 2019 Norway 31/10/2020
Envisioning bodies and architectures of care: Reflections on competition designs for older people Article 2018 Great Britain 31/10/2020
Ways to harness the built environment of ambulatory cancer facilities for comprehensive patient support: A review of the literature Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
Distant from Others, but Close to Home: The Relationship between Home Attachment and Mental Health during COVID-19 Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
The affective benefits of nature exposure: What’s nature got to do with it? Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
Exploring quality of care in hospital wards : the effect of spatial layout, staff work activities and communication patterns Thesis 2020 Great Britain 31/10/2020
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