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Seinäjoen keskussairaalan eri-ikäisten rakennusten toimivuus helleaaltojen aikana kesinä 2018 ja 2019 Thesis 2021 Finland 12/06/2021
Ilmastonmuutos sosiaali- ja terveyssektorilla – Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriön ilmastonmuutokseen sopeutumisen suunnitelma (2021–2031) Serial publication 2021 Finland 02/06/2021
Variables and Outcomes in Patient Room Design: A Study of Design Hypotheses Article 2020 United States 12/05/2021
Visitor’s Experiences of an Evidence-Based Designed Healthcare Environment in an Intensive Care Unit Article 2020 Sweden 12/05/2021
Assessing the Supportiveness of Healthcare Environments’ Light and Color: Development and Validation of the Light and Color Questionnaire (LCQ) Article 2021 Sweden 10/05/2021
Built Environment Airborne Infection Control Strategies in Pandemic Alternative Care Sites Article 2020 United States 10/05/2021
Advancing evidence-based healthcare facility design: a systematic literature review Article 2020 United States 15/04/2021
Virtual Environments for Design Research: Lessons Learned From Use of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality in Interior Design Research Article 2020 United States 14/04/2021
Evidence and affect: employing virtual reality to probe what’s missing from evidence-based design research Article 2018 Australia 14/04/2021
Tietomallin pelillistäminen ja toiminnallisen suunnittelun menetelmä rakennusten suunnittelun apuna Thesis 2021 Finland 29/03/2021
Framtidens vårdbyggnadsstruktur - Hälso- och sjukvårdsbyggnader i regionerna efter omställningen Report 2021 Sweden 14/03/2021
Developing Evidence-Based Design Guidelines for Medical/ Surgical Hospital Patient Rooms That Meet the Needs of Staff, Patients, and Visitors Article 2020 United States 14/03/2021
Hospital Patient Room Design: The Issues Facing 23 Occupational Groups Who Work in Medical/ Surgical Patient Rooms Article 2015 United States 14/03/2021
Potential for Ageing at Home in the Finnish Apartment Building Stock: A Spatial Perspective on Renovation Thesis 2021 Finland 16/02/2021
Research for Dementia and Home Design in Ireland looking at New Build and Retro-Fit Homes from a Universal Design Approach Report 2015 European union 01/11/2020
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report - Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing Report 2017 Great Britain 31/10/2020
The Role of Adaptive Immersive Technology in Creating Personalised Environments for Emotional Connection and Preservation of Identity in Dementia Care Article 2019 Norway 31/10/2020
Envisioning bodies and architectures of care: Reflections on competition designs for older people Article 2018 Great Britain 31/10/2020
Ways to harness the built environment of ambulatory cancer facilities for comprehensive patient support: A review of the literature Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
Distant from Others, but Close to Home: The Relationship between Home Attachment and Mental Health during COVID-19 Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
The affective benefits of nature exposure: What’s nature got to do with it? Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
Exploring quality of care in hospital wards : the effect of spatial layout, staff work activities and communication patterns Thesis 2020 Great Britain 31/10/2020
The design of healthcare facilities : knowledge, methods and effectiveness Thesis 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2020
The Nature of Healing: Living Architecture for Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Hospitals Thesis 2019 Canada 31/10/2020
Lived experiences and the design implications for living and dying with dementia in residential aged care facilities Thesis 2019 Australia 27/10/2020
Architecture for Psychiatric Environments and Therapeutic Spaces Book 2014 Netherlands 27/10/2020
The Architecture of Madness: An analysis of English Psychiatric Institutions since the Eighteenth Century Thesis 2017 Great Britain 27/10/2020
Architecture for People With Dementia: Planning Principles, Practices and Future Challenges Book 2014 Saksa 26/10/2020
Medicine’s Melodies: On the Costs & Benefits of Music, Soundscapes, & Noise in Healthcare Settings Article 2019 Great Britain 26/10/2020
Key Principles for Improving Healthcare Environments for People with Dementia Other 2014 Australia 26/10/2020
Physical environments that support the mental health of staff and families in the NICU Article 2020 United States 26/10/2020
Past workshops 2011 - 2019 Other 2019 European union 26/10/2020
Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Other 2019 Great Britain 24/10/2020
Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Intergenerational housing case studies. For Architecture & Design Scotland Other 2019 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Age-friendly Housing: Future Design for Older People Book 2019 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Dumfries Dental Centre Case Study produced by the Healthcare Design Programme. Other 2020 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Adapting Hospitals to Face the Future, A hypothetical study of Raigmore Hospital, testing strategies for hospital renewal to meet the needs of the 21st century. Other 2020 Great Britain 21/10/2020
Fyysinen ympäristö asiakaskokemuksen rakentajana : vertaileva tapaustutkimus kahdesta sosiaalipalvelun asiakastilasta Thesis 2012 Finland 21/10/2020
Taiteistuva sairaala Taiteilijoiden näkemyksiä taiteen merkityksistä Meilahden uudessa lastensairaalassa Thesis 2017 Finland 19/10/2020
Sairaaloista hyvinvointikeitaiksi? : taide ja luonto suomalaisissa sairaalahankkeissa Thesis 2018 Finland 19/10/2020
Moduuliratkaisut ja niiden vaikutukset sairaalahankkeissa Thesis 2018 Finland 12/10/2020
Kokonaisvaltainen luontokokemus hyvinvoinnin tukena Thesis 2020 Finland 11/10/2020
Nurturing patient experience through hospital design Thesis 2019 Finland 06/10/2020
Näyttöön perustuva suunnittelu sairaalarakentamisessa Thesis 2020 Finland 06/10/2020
Towards a shared logic in Finnish hospital design Thesis 2020 Finland 06/10/2020
Taajamien kehittäminen väestöltään vähenevissä kunnissa : Elinvoimainen taajama -hanke Report 2019 Finland 05/10/2020
2018 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities Serial publication 2018 United States 05/10/2020
2018 FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Outpatient Facilities Serial publication 2018 United States 04/10/2020
2018 FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals Serial publication 2018 United States 04/10/2020
Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities, 4th Edition Book 2020 United States 04/10/2020
Architectural hybrids for living across the lifespan: lessons from dementia Article 2018 Greece 29/09/2020
The effects of environmental factors on the patient outcomes in hospital environments: A review of literature Article 2020 United States 22/09/2020
Are we measuring what we ought to measure? A review of tools assessing patient perception of the healthcare built environment and their suitability for oncology spaces Article 2020 Australia 22/09/2020
Indoor and Outdoor Design in Healthcare Environments: The Employees’ Views in the General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, Greece Article 2020 Greece 22/09/2020
Evidence Based Hospital Design. A literature review of the recent publications about the EBD impact of built environment on hospital occupants’ and organizational outcomes Article 2019 European union 15/09/2020
COVID-19 Lockdown: Housing Built Environment's Effects on Mental Health Article 2020 European union 15/09/2020
Safety, Performance, and Satisfaction Outcomes in the Operating Room: A Literature Review Article 2018 United States 15/09/2020
Er smått alltid godt i demensomsorgen? Kunnskapsstatus om botilbud Report 2015 Norway 14/09/2020
Den goda vårdavdelningen 2019 Uppdatering 2019-09-19 Report 2020 Sweden 13/09/2020
Health-Promotive Building Design - Exploring perspectives on building design for health promotion in healthcare settings Thesis 2020 Sweden 13/09/2020
Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres Article 2019 Great Britain 13/09/2020
A comparison of nurses' work satisfaction between single-room and multioccupancy adult intensive care units: A mixed-methods integrative review Article 2020 Australia 13/09/2020
How to design psychiatric facilities to foster positive social interaction – A systematic review Article 2019 Great Britain 13/09/2020
Radiology Architecture Project Primer Article 2018 United States 13/09/2020
Transition to a newly constructed single patient room adult intensive care unit - Clinicians' preparation and work experience Article 2018 Canada 13/09/2020
The Role of Space in Patients’ Experience of an Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study Article 2018 Netherlands 13/09/2020
Are we measuring what we ought to measure? A review of tools assessing patient perception of the healthcare built environment and their suitability for oncology spaces Article 2020 Australia 13/09/2020
Virtuaalisen elämysreseptin laatiminen ikääntyneille Thesis 2020 Finland 08/09/2020
Diagnostisering och disciplinering : medicinsk diskurs och kvinnligt vansinne på Själö hospital 1889-1944 Thesis 2006 Finland 08/09/2020
The Architecture and Landscape of Health - A Historical Perspective on Therapeutic Places 1790-1940 Book 2020 United States 08/09/2020
Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design - Improving Care for All Generations Book 2020 United States 08/09/2020
Architecture for Residential Care and Ageing Communities: Spaces for Dwelling and Healthcare Book 2020 United States 08/09/2020
Effects of Art and Design on Orientation in Healthcare Architecture A study of wayfinding and wayshowing in a Swedish hospital setting Thesis 2019 Sweden 08/09/2020
The built environment and its impact on health outcomes and experiences of patients, significant others and staff—A protocol for a systematic review Article 2020 Sweden 02/09/2020
ICU Patient Family Stress Recovery During Breaks in a Hospital Garden and Indoor Environments Article 2019 United States 02/09/2020
Effects of Birthing Room Design on Maternal and Neonate Outcomes: A Systematic Review Article 2020 Sweden 02/09/2020
Reducing hospital cost through better design Report 2019 France 30/08/2020
A Grounded Theoretical Analysis of Room Elements Desired by Family Members and Visitors of Hospitalized Patients: Implications for Medical/Surgical Hospital Patient Room Design Article 2018 United States 30/08/2020
Environmental Needs, Barriers, and Facilitators for Optimal Healing in the Postoperative Process: A Qualitative Study of Patients’ Lived Experiences and Perceptions Article 2020 Netherlands 30/08/2020
Participatory Design, Project Clients, and Healthcare User Groups Article 2020 Australia 29/08/2020
Virtuaalisen elämysreseptin laatiminen ikääntyneille Thesis 2020 Finland 22/08/2020
Sairaalan pienjätelogistiikan robotisointi Thesis 2020 Finland 22/08/2020
Uudet tehohoitotilat : potilaiden ja heidän läheistensä tyytyväisyys tiloihin ja toimintaan Thesis 2020 Finland 18/08/2020
Designing Streets for Kids Book 2020 United States 14/08/2020
Bring the Outside In: Providing Accessible Experiences Through VR for People with Dementia in Locked Psychiatric Hospitals In proceedings 2019 Great Britain 04/08/2020
Nurses’ Participation in the Design of an Intensive Care Unit: The Use of Virtual Mock-Ups Article 2020 Finland 28/07/2020
Health is made at home, Hospitals are for repairs: Building a healthy and health-creating society Book 2020 Great Britain 16/07/2020
Insight into healthcare design: lessons learned in two university hospitals Article 2016 Great Britain 10/03/2020
Usability evaluation (IEQ survey) in hospital buildings Article 2017 Finland 10/03/2020
Improving healthcare quality in Europe Characteristics, effectiveness and implementation of different strategies Report 2019 European union 10/03/2020
Welsh Health Building Notes (WHBNs) Other 2019 Great Britain 14/11/2019
Saattohoitohuone : asiakaslähtöinen saattohoito Nurmijärven pitkäaikaisosastoilla Thesis 2019 Finland 13/11/2019
Kylpyhuonetilaelementit sairaalarakentamisessa: rakennesuunnittelun näkökulmasta Thesis 2019 Finland 13/11/2019
PSYKIATRIAN TOIMIALUEEN TILAT – hoitotyöntekijöiden näkökulma. Thesis 2018 Finland 13/11/2019
KOy Heideken : historia ja korjausrakennusprojekti 2018 Thesis 2018 Finland 13/11/2019
Luonto sairaalasuunnittelussa - tilakonsepti hoidolliseen tilaan Thesis 2018 Finland 13/11/2019
Töölön sairaalan käyttötarkoituksen muutos Thesis 2019 Finland 13/11/2019
Suursuon Sairaala : Viihtyisyys ja lohtu saattohoitoympäristössä Thesis 2017 Finland 13/11/2019
Innovative NHS Greenspace in Scotland Other 2014 Great Britain 12/11/2019
Dementia-friendly environments Other 2017 Australia 12/11/2019
Radiology Architecture Project Primer Article 2017 United States 12/11/2019
Rethinking hospital design: accommodating a growing diversity of patients Article 2018 European union 12/11/2019
Impact of Nurses Taking Daily Work Breaks in a Hospital Garden on Burnout Article 2018 United States 12/11/2019
Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres Article 2019 Great Britain 11/11/2019
Psychiatric ward design can reduce aggressive behavior Article 2018 Great Britain 11/11/2019
Framtidens äldreboende Report 2018 Sweden 11/11/2019
Effects of Art and Design on Orientation in Healthcare Architecture: A study of wayfinding and wayshowing in a Swedish hospital setting Thesis 2019 Sweden 11/11/2019
European Standards of Care for Newborn Health: General layout of the unit. 2018 Other 2018 European union 11/11/2019
Förstudie: Högteknologiska vårdmiljöer Intensivvård och operation Report 2019 Sweden 11/11/2019
Konceptprogram - Den goda vårdavdelningen 2019. ​En uppdaterad rapport Report 2019 Sweden 11/11/2019
Evidence-Informed Design Recommendations for Juvenile Facilities in Sweden Report 2019 Sweden 11/11/2019
Usability Briefing for hospital design Exploring user needs and experiences to improve complex buildings Thesis 2016 Denmark 07/11/2019
Development of Hospice Environmental Assessment Protocol (HEAP): A Post Occupancy Evaluation Tool Thesis 2016 United States 07/11/2019
Värdegrunder och rum med omsorg som syfte - Vårdarkitektur för hälsa och välbefinnande - vårdarkitektur för hälsa och välbefinnande. Thesis 2018 Sweden 07/11/2019
Clinic Design Post-Occupancy Evaluation Toolkit (PDF version) Other 2015 United States 07/11/2019
Post-occupancy evaluation in architecture: experiences and perspectives from UK practice Article 2018 Great Britain 07/11/2019
How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is Being Used to Support People Living with Dementia—Design Challenges and Future Directions In proceedings 2018 Great Britain 07/11/2019
Designing Cultures of Care Book 2018 Great Britain 07/11/2019
Dementia Lab 2019. Making Design Work: Engaging with Dementia in Context Other 2019 Netherlands 07/11/2019
10 Tips on signage for dementia Book 2017 Great Britain 07/11/2019
Design for Wellbeing: An Applied Approach (Design for Social Responsibility) Book 2019 Great Britain 06/11/2019
Godt fra land med Danmarks første OPP-sygehus Article 2019 Denmark 06/11/2019
A critique of post-occupancy evaluation in the UK Article 2019 Great Britain 06/11/2019
Utilization of a Standardized Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Assess the Guiding Principles of a Major Academic Medical Center Article 2019 United States 05/11/2019
User Group Consultation: Design Quality and Project Success Article 2019 United States 05/11/2019
Mock-Ups: Using Experiential Simulation Models in the Healthcare Design Process Article 2019 United States 05/11/2019
Decreasing spatial disorientation in care-home settings: How psychology can guide the development of dementia friendly design guidelines. Article 2017 Great Britain 05/11/2019
Design for Health: Sustainable Approaches to Therapeutic Architecture (Architectural Design) 1st Edition Book 2017 Great Britain 05/11/2019
Using Virtual Reality to Compare Design Alternatives Using Subjective and Objective Evaluation Methods Article 2019 United States 05/11/2019
The aesthetics and architecture of care environments : a Q methodological study of ten care environments in Japan and the European countries of Finland, Sweden, the UK, France and Austria Thesis 2019 Finland 05/11/2019
IDÉKATALOG Other 2019 Denmark 04/11/2019
Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Intergenerational housing case studies Report 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2019
Case Study: Lanarkshire Beatson Satellite Radiotherapy Facility Report 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2019
Case Study: Stratheden Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit Report 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2019
Adapting Hospitals to Face the Future Report 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2019
Design Study – Community Hospitals Report 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2019
Beyond insulation and isolation Article 2016 Denmark 20/10/2019
Single-bed rooms in a geriatric ward prevent delirium in older patients Article 2019 Denmark 20/10/2019
Designing lifetime homes for people in the early stages of dementia In proceedings 2018 European union 19/10/2019
Vård i livets slutskede på särskilt boende för äldre personer: närstående och vårdpersonals skattade och berättade erfarenheter Thesis 2017 Sweden 18/10/2019
UNELMIEN PAIKKA Toimintatutkimus kuvataidelähtöisten menetelmien käyttöönotosta ympäristöviihtyvyyden parantamiseksi hoitolaitoksessa Thesis 2014 Finland 18/10/2019
Kasvillisuuden käyttö sairaalasuunnittelussa Thesis 2019 Finland 18/10/2019
Sisätilojen äänimaailman vaikutukset työntekijöiden viihtyvyyteen Suomen sairaaloissa Thesis 2016 Finland 18/10/2019
MIELIPAIKKA Thesis 2015 Finland 18/10/2019
Evaluering av sengetun i sykehus En casestudie av St. Olavs hospital og Sykehuset Østfold Kalnes Thesis 2019 Norway 17/10/2019
ARAn erityisryhmäkohteiden tilamitoitus Report 2015 Finland 17/10/2019
Framskaffe sykehjem og omsorgsboliger for eldre Other 2019 Norway 17/10/2019
Ikääntyneiden palvelu- ja yhteisökorttelien toteuttaminen Report 2019 Finland 17/10/2019
Healthcare Facilities in Emerging Countries: The Challenge for India Book 2018 United States 05/10/2019
A Study of Relationships Between Content in Documents From Health Service Operational Plans and Documents From the Planning of New Healthcare Environments Article 2018 United States 05/10/2019
Healthcare Architecture as Infrastructure: Open Building in Practice Book 2019 United States 03/10/2019
Future Healthcare Design Book 2019 Great Britain 03/10/2019
ARCH17, 3rd International conference on architecture, research, care and health. Conference proceedings Serial publication 2017 Denmark 24/09/2019
Light Atmosphere in Hospital Wards Thesis 2013 Denmark 24/09/2019
Beyond the dichotomy of figurative and abstract art in hospitals The potential of visual art as a generator of well-being In proceedings 2017 Denmark 24/09/2019
Beyond insulation and isolation Article 2016 Denmark 24/09/2019
Poul Gernes og Herlev Hospital Article 2019 Denmark 24/09/2019
Optimal Hospital Layout Design Thesis 2015 Denmark 24/09/2019
Kuuma sairaala - Mikkelin keskussairaalan laajennus Thesis 2019 Finland 24/09/2019
TÄYTYY -hanke - Ikääntyneiden asuin- ja palveluympäristö, arviointiesimerkkeinä Lapinjärvi ja Savitaipale Report 2019 Finland 24/09/2019
‘Essentially it's just a lot of bedrooms’: architectural design, prescribed personalisation and the construction of care homes for later life Article 2018 United States 30/08/2019
Bricks and Morals-Hospital Buildings, Do No Harm. Article 2019 United States 30/08/2019
Housing Design for an Increasingly Older Population: Redefining Assisted Living for the Mentally and Physically Frail Book 2018 United States 30/08/2019
Use of Virtual Environment and Virtual Prototypes in Co-Design: The Case of Hospital Design Article 2019 Finland 30/08/2019
Housing Design for All? The challenges of ageing in urban planning and housing design – The case of Helsinki Thesis 2019 Finland 26/08/2019
Käytettävyystekijöiden huomioiminen sairaala-, perusterveys- ja vanhuspalvelurakennusten työtiloissa Thesis 2019 Finland 08/08/2019
Healthy and Sustainable Hospital Evaluation—A Review of POE Tools for Hospital Assessment in an Evidence-Based Design Framework Article 2019 United States 28/04/2019
Environmental Psychology and Human Well-Being: Effects of Built and Natural Settings Book 2018 Netherlands 14/02/2019
Esteettömyys - Ympäristöministeriön ohje rakennuksen esteettömyydestä Serial publication 2018 Finland 13/02/2019
A tool for signage placement recommendation in hospitals based on wayfinding metrics Article 2018 Great Britain 13/02/2019
Tiivistelmä tehty Palvelukortteli. Konseptin kuvaus ja soveltaminen erilaisiin taajamiin Serial publication 2017 Finland 05/02/2019
KONCEPTPROGRAM LOKALER FÖR PSYKIATRI: kunskapsunderlag vid planering 2018-10-16 Report 2018 Sweden 18/11/2018
Psychiatric ward design can reduce aggressive behavior Article 2018 Sweden 15/11/2018
Muisti- ja ikäystävällinen asuminen ja asuinympäristö Serial publication 2018 Finland 28/09/2018
Ikääntyneiden asuinpaikat nyt ja tulevaisuudessa Report 2017 Finland 31/07/2018
Terveyttä taiteesta : taideteoksia Keski-Suomen sairaanhoitopiirin kuntayhtymän taidekokoelmasta Book 2007 Finland 31/07/2018
Inhimillinen Nikkilä : Helsingin suuri mielisairaala Sipoossa 1914-1999 Book 2009 Finland 31/07/2018
Terveisiä sairaalasta : postikortit kertovat pääkaupunkiseudun sairaaloiden historiasta Book 2017 Finland 31/07/2018
Bo i Byn: Utformning av seniorbostad Thesis 2018 Sweden 31/07/2018
Co-designing with people living with dementia Article 2018 Great Britain 31/07/2018
Optimal spaces for those living with dementia: principles and evidence Article 2018 Great Britain 31/07/2018
Trädgårdstider: En studie om att stödja användandet av en trädgård på ett demensboende. Thesis 2018 Sweden 31/07/2018
Suomen valkoinen sotilasarkkitehtuuri 1926-1939 Thesis 2000 Finland 31/07/2018
Alvar Aalto: Architect Book 2017 Great Britain 31/07/2018
Alvar Aalto, architect: Paimio Sanatorium 1929-33 Book 2014 Finland 31/07/2018
Taajamasta palvelutaajamaksi. Muuttuva yhteiskunta – Muuttuvat palvelut -tutkimushanke Report 2018 Finland 31/07/2018
Valuing implicit decision-making in participatory design: A relational approach in design with people with dementia Article 2018 Great Britain 31/07/2018
A systematic review of access to green spaces in healthcare facilities Article 2018 United States 30/07/2018
Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study Article 2018 Australia 30/07/2018
The Reality of Well-Being-Focused Design in Dementia Care: A Case Study of Acute Dementia Wards in the United Kingdom Article 2018 United States 30/07/2018
The Role of Hospital Design in Reducing Anxiety for Pediatric Patients Article 2018 United States 30/07/2018
Health and Well-being for Interior Architecture Book 2017 United States 29/07/2018
Design for Mental and Behavioral Health Book 2017 United States 29/07/2018
Innovations in Behavioural Health Architecture Book 2018 United States 29/07/2018
Managing Arts Programs in Healthcare Book 2016 United States 29/07/2018
Transforming the doctor's office: Principles from Evidence-Based Design Book 2015 United States 28/07/2018
Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience Book 2013 United States 28/07/2018
The Impact of Operating Room Layout on Circulating Nurse’s Work Patterns and Flow Disruptions: A Behavioral Mapping Study Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
Architecture for Health Is Not Just for Healthcare Architects Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
Private Rooms, Semi-Open Areas, or Open Areas for Chemotherapy Care: Perspectives of Cancer Patients, Families, and Nursing Staff Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
The Role of Environmental Design in Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survivorship: A Systematic Literature Review Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
Ten Trends Transforming Cancer Care and Their Effects on Space Planning for Academic Medical Centers Article 2015 United States 28/07/2018
Stressed Spaces: Mental Health and Architecture Article 2013 United States 28/07/2018
Does the Design of Settings Where Acute Care Is Delivered Meet the Needs of Older People? Perspectives of Patients, Family Carers, and Staff Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
ICU nurses' experiences of environmental elements and their meaning for patient care at an ICU: A qualitative content analysis Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
Nurses’ Experience of Patient Care in Multibed Hospital Rooms: Results From In-Depth Interviews With Nurses After Further Education in Anesthesia Article 2018 Netherlands 28/07/2018
Relocating an intensive care unit: An exploratory qualitative study Article 2016 Australia 28/07/2018
The impact of windows on the outcomes of medical intensive care unit patients Article 2018 United States 28/07/2018
Patient Room Design Checklist and Evaluation Tool Other 2015 United States 27/07/2018
Designing Outpatient & Community Health Centers to Support Population Health Other 2017 United States 27/07/2018
Clinic Design Post-Occupancy Evaluation Toolkit (PDF version) Other 2015 United States 27/07/2018
Exploring the Concept of Healing Spaces Article 2018 United States 27/07/2018
Safety Risk Assessment: The Center for Health Design Toolkit - Risk Components Other 2015 United States 27/07/2018
Reinventing the Hospital – A Study of Lost Synergies in Danish Healthcare Other 2016 United States 27/07/2018
The Healthcare Workplace: More than a New ‘Old’ Hospital Article 2017 United States 26/07/2018
‘Humanizing’ healthcare environments: architecture, art and design in modern hospitals Article 2018 United States 26/07/2018
Resident-centred care and architecture of two different types of caring residences: a comparative study Article 2018 Great Britain 25/07/2018
Er smått alltid godt i demensomsorgen? Om bo- og tjenestetilbud for personer med demens Book 2015 Norway 25/07/2018
LOKALER FÖR ÖPPENVÅRD - kunskapsunderlag vid planering av vårdcentraler och mottagningar 2016-01-27 Report 2016 Sweden 25/07/2018
SiS VÅRDMILJÖ – En guide för lokalutveckling Report 2017 Sweden 25/07/2018
Enpatientrum i Sverige Förstudie om vårdavdelningar med fokus på nuläge Report 2017 Sweden 25/07/2018
Personcentrering inom hälso- och sjukvård : från filosofi till praktik Book 2014 Sweden 25/07/2018
Ljus i vårdmiljöer - dokumentation av en temadag 19 september 2016 Other 2017 Sweden 25/07/2018
Hälso- och sjukvården år 2035 Report 2016 Sweden 25/07/2018
Spri-tiden Planering av vårdbyggnader i Sverige 1968 till 1989 Report 2017 Sweden 25/07/2018
Designing and experiencing adaptive lighting. Case studies with adaptation, interaction and participation Thesis 2016 Finland 23/07/2018
Kylpylä Lapinlahteen Thesis 2016 Finland 23/07/2018
Implementing the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Competencies in Healthcare: A Practical Guide for Improving Quality, Safety, and Outcomes Book 2016 United States 22/07/2018
Rise of the Modern Hospital: An Architectural History of Health and Healing, 1870–1940 Book 2017 United States 22/07/2018
Exploring Environmental Variation in Residential Care Facilities for Older People Article 2016 Sweden 03/07/2018
The Impact of a Hospital Garden on Pregnant Women and Their Partners Article 2017 Sweden 03/07/2018
The use of common spaces in assisted living schemes for older persons: a comparison of somatic and dementia units Article 2016 Sweden 03/07/2018
Perceived safety in extra-care housing for senior residents Article 2018 Sweden 03/07/2018
Bostadsforskare om bostadskvalitet Report 2018 Sweden 03/07/2018
Tiivistelmä tehty New Swedish forensic psychiatric facilities: visions and outcomes. Article 2013 Sweden 03/07/2018
Tiivistelmä tehty Den fysiska vårdmiljöns påverkan på vårdpersonal och patienter på operationssalar och intensivvårdsavdelningar Thesis 2015 Sweden 03/07/2018
Arkitektur & Lindring Report 2018 Denmark 02/07/2018
Evaluering af de fysiske rammer på Hospice Djursland Report 2009 Denmark 02/07/2018
Terveyttä kaikille – terveyskeskukset 1970-luvulta 1990-luvulle Book 2014 Finland 04/05/2018
Terveyttä kaikille TERVEYSTALOT JA KUNNANLÄÄKÄRINTALOT 1940-luvulta 1960-luvulle Book 2014 Finland 04/05/2018
Terveyttä kaikille – keskussairaalat 1940-luvulta 1980-luvulle Book 2014 Finland 04/05/2018
Terveyttä kaikille B-MIELISAIRAALAT 1950 -luvulta 197 0 -luvulle Book 2015 Finland 04/05/2018
Leikkaussalin ilmanvaihdon todentamismittaukset Thesis 2017 Finland 16/02/2018
Depressed Patients Hospitalized in Southeast-Facing Rooms Are Discharged Earlier than Patients in Northwest-Facing Rooms Article 2017 Denmark 10/02/2018
Helende arkitektur - psykiatrisygehuset i Slagelse Other 2015 Denmark 28/02/2017
Rom for trygghet og omsorg Veileder for utforming av omsorgsboliger og sykehjem Report 2015 Norway 28/02/2017
Intensivvårdsrummets betydelse för vårdande och välbefinnande: patienters närståendes och vårdpersonalens erfarenheter Thesis 2014 Sweden 27/02/2017
Being critically ill and surrounded by sound and noise. Patient experiences, staff awareness and future challenges Thesis 2014 Sweden 27/02/2017
Designing a modern surgical facility Article 2016 Great Britain 27/02/2017
Benefits from wood interior in a hospital room: a preference study Article 2014 United States 27/02/2017
Development of Hospice Environmental Assessment Protocol (HEAP): A Post Occupancy Evaluation Tool Thesis 2016 United States 26/02/2017
The psychology of waiting: designing for satisfaction in emergency department waiting environments Thesis 2017 Canada 26/02/2017
Shared decision making in designing new healthcare environments—time to begin improving quality Article 2015 United States 26/02/2017
Designing for the third age : architecture redefined for a generation of ’active agers’ Book 2014 Great Britain 24/02/2017
Elsi Borgin, Otto Flodinin ja Olavi Sortan suunnittelema Helsingin Lastenlinna 1938-1948 : "kauhean romantiikan" hyötyrakennus. Thesis 1998 Finland 24/02/2017
Ikääntymisen ihmemaa : vertailututkimus vanhusten kokemuksista standardikotikeittiössä, koekeittiössä ja käyttäjälähtöisesti suunnitellussa kotikeittiössä Thesis 1998 Finland 24/02/2017
Designing healing : a conceptual model for promoting a healing health care environment in Tanzania Thesis 2009 Sweden 24/02/2017
Ageing in place : potentials and restrictions : a case study of the living environment for older people in Oulu Thesis 2015 Finland 24/02/2017
Architecture and technology : Alvar Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium / Marianna Heikinheimo ; translated from Finnish by Tytti Laine. Thesis 2016 Finland 24/02/2017
Cure & care : healing spaces then and now Other 2016 Finland 24/02/2017
ARCH 14 : International Conference on Research on Health Care Architecture Other 2015 Finland 24/02/2017
Architects’ and interior designers’ perspectives on hospital patient rooms designed by the people who work in these rooms In proceedings 2016 United States 24/02/2017
Beyond insulation and isolation – Towards an attuning approach to noise in hospitals Article 2016 Denmark 24/02/2017
Usability Briefing for hospital design Exploring user needs and experiences to improve complex buildings Thesis 2016 Denmark 23/02/2017
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Samasta ovesta - Saavutettavia kulttuurihistoriallisia kohteita Book 2012 Finland 05/09/2012
Turning the Page on Planning and Design for New Healthcare Facilities in Canada: The New CSA Z8000 Standard Lecture material 2012 Canada 04/09/2012
AusHFG: Australasian Health Facility Guidelines Other 2012 Australia 04/09/2012
The Healing Presence of Art: A History of Western Art in Hospitals Book 2012 United States 04/09/2012
WBDG: The Whole Building Design Guide: Health Care Facilities Other 2017 United States 04/09/2012
Ehdotus ikääntyneiden asumisen kehittämisohjelmaksi vuosille 2013 - 2015 Report 2012 Finland 03/09/2012
The Digitalisation of Social Representations: The Influence of the Evolution of Communication Technology on the Development of Shared Ideas Thesis 2012 Finland 28/08/2012
Värit, kuvataide ja viherkasvit hoitoympäristössä; kirjallisuuskatsaus Thesis 2006 Finland 28/08/2012
Lapsipotilaan viihtyvyys röntgenosaston odotustilassa Thesis 2012 Finland 28/08/2012
Ikäihmisen hyvä elämä: ympäristön merkitys vanhustenkeskuksessa Book 2009 Finland 28/08/2012
Hoitohenkilökunnan näkemyksiä tunnistavan lattian käytön eettisyydestä dementoituneiden hoidossa Thesis 2008 Finland 28/08/2012
Fyysinen hoitoympäristö dementoituvan potilaan hyvän hoidon mahdollistajana Thesis 2001 Finland 28/08/2012
Tiivistelmä tehty The Impact of Healthcare Environmental Design on Patient Falls Report 2008 United States 28/08/2012
Parantava kuva - parantava ympäristö : analyysi hoitoympäristön vaikutuksesta ihmisen hyvinvointiin Thesis 2007 Finland 27/08/2012
Dementiaryhmäkodin hoitotyön toimintatilanteita tukeva työympäristö Thesis 2008 Finland 27/08/2012
Keskussairaalan modernisointi - Case Keski-Suomi Book 2011 Finland 27/08/2012
Dementiaoireisten asuin- ja hoivaympäristöt Report 2008 Finland 27/08/2012
Lasten päivystyspoliklinikka hoitoympäristönä Thesis 2009 Finland 27/08/2012
Länsi-Pohjan keskussairaalan äitiyspoliklinikka fyysisenä, psyykkisenä ja sosiaalisena hoitoympäristönä Thesis 2009 Finland 27/08/2012
Den fysiska vårdmiljöns inverkan på välbefinnandet en utvärdering ur patientperspektiv Thesis 2010 Finland 27/08/2012
Estetikens påverkan på sjukvårdspersonalens arbetsmiljö - en broschyr för sjukvårdspersonal Thesis 2010 Finland 27/08/2012
Tiivistelmä tehty Adaptability and innovation in healthcare facilities: Lessons from the past for future developments. The Howard Goodman Fellowship report Report 2009 Great Britain 20/08/2012
Estetikens och miljöns betydelse inom vården: en litteraturstudie Thesis 2011 Finland 14/08/2012
Viihtyisyyden elementit: potilashuonekonsepti Lapin keskussairaalan neurologian osastolle Thesis 2010 Finland 14/08/2012
Tehohoitopotilaan hoitoympäristö: psyykkinen elämänlaatu ja toipuminen Thesis 2012 Finland 14/08/2012
The Definitive Guide to Emergency Department Operational Improvement: Employing Lean Principles with Current ED Best Practices to Create the "No Wait" Book 2011 United States 02/07/2012
Opastejärjestelmän visuaalisen ilmeen konseptointi Seinäjoen keskussairaalalle Thesis 2012 Finland 29/06/2012
Finns en läkande vårdatmosfär? En kvalitativ studie om betydelsen av vårdmiljö och bemötande för patienter Thesis 2012 Sweden 29/06/2012
Sisustussuunnitelma Kuusankosken fysioterapian osastolle Thesis 2012 Finland 12/06/2012
Opastava sisustussuunnittelu sairaalamiljöössä Thesis 2012 Finland 12/06/2012
Asuinympäristö, apuvälineet ja teknologia In proceedings 2008 Finland 26/04/2012
Vanhusten palvelutalon korjausmalli Thesis 2005 Finland 25/04/2012
Uusi asumismalli dementoituneille. Sovellus Itä-Pasilan palvelutaloon Thesis 2008 Finland 25/04/2012
Helende Arkitektur Serial publication 2009 Denmark 25/04/2012
Iäkkäiden ihmisten liikuntapaikkojen suunnittelu: Arki- ja terveysliikunnan tilat palvelu- ja hoiva-asumisympäristöissä Book 2007 Finland 24/04/2012
Parempaan kehitysvammaisten asumiseen. Viiden asumisyksikön arviointi Report 2007 Finland 24/04/2012
Kokemuksia tanskalaisesta iäkkäiden ihmisten hoiva-asumisesta Report 2008 Finland 24/04/2012
Changing Hospital Architecture Book 2008 Great Britain 17/04/2012
Zukunftsoffenes Krankenhaus – Ein Dialog zwischen Medizin und Architektur Book 2007 Saksa 17/04/2012
Virtual design in hospitals (CAVE): a case study Lecture material 2012 Finland 29/03/2012
Kylpyhuone muistisairaan ihmisen kodissa Article 2012 Finland 29/03/2012
Prosessiajattelu ja sairaala-arkkitehtuuri – pitkän tähtäimen esisuunnittelu ja toiminnalliset prosessit sairaaloiden arkkitehtisuunnittelun lähtökohtina Thesis 2006 Finland 23/03/2012
Ympäristö ja hyvinvointi Book 2002 Finland 16/03/2012
Käyttäjälähtöisyys ja tutkimustieto terveydenhuollon tilasuunnittelussa Lecture material 2012 Finland 23/02/2012
Suunnitteluopas: Keskeisiä tavoitteita valtion tukemien asuntojen suunnitteluun Report 2015 Finland 09/02/2012
Martta ja Ragnar Ypyä - arkkitehtipariskunnan elämäntyö Thesis 1999 Finland 27/01/2012
The general hospital ward: A study on the programming and designing principles for individual rooms and the total ward and proposals for their application in Finnish general hospitals Thesis 1990 Finland 27/01/2012
Senioriasumisen nykytila, kehitystarpeet ja mahdollisuudet Report 2005 Finland 27/01/2012
Alternative housing environments for the elderly in the information society: the Finnish experience Thesis 2006 Finland 27/01/2012
Traumapotilaan hoitoprosessin kehittäminen Thesis 2004 Finland 27/01/2012
Pitkäniemen Rakennus 15 - uudiskäyttösuunnitelma Thesis 2006 Finland 24/01/2012
Elderly care: Increasing outdoor usage in residential facilities Article 2012 European union 23/01/2012
Terveyskeskusten vuodeosastojen tulevaisuus: kehittäminen terapeuttiseksi hoitoympäristöksi vai vaivaistalon paluu? Thesis 2011 Finland 19/01/2012
Evidence-based healthcare design Book 2009 United States 18/01/2012
Green Caren toimintamallit Serial publication 2011 Finland 18/01/2012
Yhteisöllisyyttä, laatua ja vaihtoehtoja: Ikääntyneiden välimuotoisen asumisen ratkaisuja Ruotsissa, Norjassa, Tanskassa ja Hollannissa Report 2009 Finland 18/01/2012
Krankenhausbauten/Gesundheitsbauten. Handbuch und Planungshilfe Book 2011 Saksa 17/01/2012
Käyttäjälähtöinen Y-talo -hankkeen loppuraportti Report 2011 Finland 13/01/2012
10 000 taideteosta sairaaloihin Book 2012 Finland 13/01/2012
New Hospital Buildings in Germany. Volume 1: General Hospitals and Health Centres - Volume 2: Specialist Clinics and Medical Departments Book 2011 European union 12/01/2012
Colour perception in old age: With implications in the caring environment Article 2003 European union 29/12/2011
Colour perception in old age: colour discrimination, colour naming, colour preferences and colour/shape recognition Thesis 2001 Sweden 29/12/2011
Sairaala - galleria ja muita ilmiöitä Article 2011 Finland 29/12/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty The Effects Of Colour And Light: Trans-disciplinary Research Results Article 2008 European union 28/12/2011
Design for Critical Care: An Evidence-Based Approach Book 2010 Great Britain 28/12/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty The Business Case for Building Better Hospitals Through Evidence-Based Design: Evidence-Based Design Resources for Healthcare Executives Report 2008 United States 14/12/2011
Palveluasumisen julkisen rahoituksen linjauksia Report 2011 Finland 12/12/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty MielenMuutos muistisairaiden ihmisten hoidossa: Käytösoireiden hoidosta muistisairaan ihmisen hyvinvoinnin kokonaisvaltaiseen tukemiseen Report 2011 Finland 12/12/2011
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Impact of Visual Art on Waiting Behavior in the Emergency Department Report 2011 United States 07/12/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Guidelines and Standards for Healthcare Buildings: A European Health Property Network Survey Report 2011 European union 30/11/2011
Senioriasumisen suunnitteluohje Serial publication 2011 Finland 30/11/2011
Ikääntymisen tuomat haasteet asumiselle Serial publication 2011 Finland 30/11/2011
The transformation of healthcare Book 2009 Netherlands 29/11/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Health Facility Evaluation for Design Practitioners Book 2011 United States 29/11/2011
Critical Care Design: Trends in Award Winning Designs Article 2011 European union 29/11/2011
Laadukkaat dementiapalvelut: Opas kunnille Book 2008 Finland 25/11/2011
Palveluasuntoja ikäihmisille: Palveluasumisen nykytilanne ja tuleva tarve Serial publication 2007 Finland 25/11/2011
Contact with Outdoor Greenery Can Support Competence Among People with Dementia Article 2007 United States 24/11/2011
The Impact of Daylight and Windows on ICU Patients and Staff Article 2011 European union 24/11/2011
Leed by example: Using sustainable design to create a healing environment Article 2010 United States 24/11/2011
The influence of a green environment and horticultural activities on the subjective well-being of the elderly living in long-term care Thesis 2005 Finland 16/11/2011
Avohoitotalo edustaa uudenlaista sairaalarakentamista Article 2010 Finland 15/11/2011
Uusien tilojen myötä laatua lasten hoitoon Article 2010 Finland 15/11/2011
Uusi upea kolmiosairaala avasi ovensa Article 2010 Finland 15/11/2011
Aging in Place -ajattelua Kontulan uudessa vanhustenkeskuksessa Article 2009 Finland 15/11/2011
Taiteesta ja kulttuurista hyvinvointia - ehdotus toimintaohjelmaksi 2010–2014 Book 2010 Finland 11/11/2011
Apuvälineet ja dementia Pohjoismaissa: Muistia ja muita kognitiivisia toimintoja tukevat apuvälineet dementoituvan ihmisen arjessa: haastattelututkimus Suomesta, Islannista; Norjasta, Ruotsista ja Tanskasta. Book 2008 Finland 10/11/2011
Vanhusten ja vammaisten palvelutalon kehittäminen - kuvaus nykytilanteesta, 13 taloa Report 2008 Finland 10/11/2011
Käyttäjien arvioita päiväkirurgisten yksiköiden tiloista Report 2008 Finland 10/11/2011
Sairaaloiden kunto ja ilmanvaihto: Selvityshenkilön raportti Report 2005 Finland 10/11/2011
Terve sairaala -peruskorjausten tarve ja toteutus Book 2009 Finland 10/11/2011
Hyvän elämän mahdollisuudet iäkkäiden ihmisten ympärivuorokautisen hoidon ympäristöissä Article 2011 Finland 08/11/2011
Verhomallisto dementoituvien hoitoympäristöön Thesis 2007 Finland 08/11/2011
Dynaaminen valaistus: tulevaisuuden valaistusratkaisut muistihäiriöisen asuin- ja hoivaympäristöön Thesis 2008 Finland 08/11/2011
Health care Architecture in the Netherlands Book 2010 Netherlands 21/10/2011
Väripilkut. Sairaalan lastenosaston sisustusratkaisut Thesis 2010 Finland 20/10/2011
Virtuaaliympäristö sairaalasuunnittelussa Thesis 2008 Finland 17/10/2011
Päivystysvastaanotot potilaiden näkökulmasta Serial publication 2011 Finland 14/10/2011
Hoitoympäristön merkitys potilaalle syöpätautien poliklinikalla Thesis 2008 Finland 11/10/2011
Hoitoympäristö vanhusten hyvinvoinnin tukena Thesis 2011 Finland 11/10/2011
Virtuaaliympäristö käyttäjälähtöisen suunnittelun apuvälineenä. Case Seinäjoen keskussairaalan laajennus. Thesis 2010 Finland 11/10/2011
Melu ja melun kokeminen Thesis 2010 Finland 10/10/2011
CAVE for collaborative patient room design: analysis with end-user opinion contrasting method Article 2010 Great Britain 06/10/2011
HospiTool: Käyttäjälähtöinen sairaalatila Report 2008 Finland 06/10/2011
Leikkaussalien ilmanvaihtojärjestelmät Serial publication 2012 Finland 29/09/2011
The hospital as a healing environment Report 2009 Netherlands 27/09/2011
Dementiaoireisten ihmisten asuinympäristö Serial publication 2010 Finland 26/09/2011
A Review of the Research Literature on Evidence-Based Healthcare Design Report 2008 United States 22/09/2011
Kuntouttavan hoivatyön vaatimukset ikäihmisten asunnoille. Thesis 2011 Finland 22/09/2011
Design Impact Study. A European comparative study of design in relation to context: What is the relationship between design and context, and how does this impact on performance in healthcare environments? Book 2005 European union 22/09/2011
Käyttäjälähtöinen opastus Thesis 2010 Finland 20/09/2011
Healthcare 2025: Buildings for the future Book 2008 Netherlands 20/09/2011
Design for assisted living. Guidelines for housing the physically and mentally frail Book 2002 United States 20/09/2011
Sairaalarakennuksen kehitys. Development of the hospital building Book 2003 Finland 20/09/2011
Rakennetun ympäristön esteettömyyskartoitus. Opas kartoituksen tilaajalle ja toteuttajalle Book 2009 Finland 20/09/2011
Pitkäaikaispotilaan esteettinen ympäristö Thesis 2008 Finland 20/09/2011
Vuodeosaston sisustussuunnitelma Thesis 2011 Finland 19/09/2011
Terveyskeskuksen vastaanottotilojen viihtyisyys. Asiakkaiden toiveita terveyskeskuksen viihtyisyyden parantamiseksi Thesis 2010 Finland 19/09/2011
Restaurointi vanhan suojellun kiinteistön käyttötarkoituksen muuttamisessa : Hissit Lapinlahden sairaala-alueen päärakennukseen Thesis 2010 Finland 19/09/2011
Hospital facilities as work environments: evaluation studies in the operating, radiology, and emergency departments in seven Finnish general hospitals Thesis 1995 Finland 19/09/2011
Sairaalanmäki - Keski-Suomen keskussairaalan alueen kehitys 1951-2008 Thesis 2008 Finland 19/09/2011
All designers use evidence. Evidence-Based Design in practise Book 2009 Netherlands 19/09/2011
Dementiakoti - koti hyvää elämää varten. Opas suunnittelijoille ja kehittäjille Book 2003 Finland 15/09/2011
Open Views: The Operating Room of the Future Book 2012 Netherlands 12/09/2011
The architecture of hospitals Book 2006 Netherlands 15/06/2011
Vieras Teksasista Article 2011 Finland 15/06/2011
Näyttöön perustuva suunnittelu ja parantavat ympäristöt Article 2010 Finland 08/06/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Designing enabling environments for people with dementia, their family carers and formal carers In proceedings 2009 Finland 23/05/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Using evidence-based strategies to design safe, efficient, and adaptable patient rooms Article 2011 United States 23/05/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Quality of the physical health care environment Report 2008 Netherlands 09/05/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty A practitioner's guide to evidence-based design Book 2008 United States 31/03/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Aspects of healing environments Book 2009 Greece 14/03/2011
Tiivistelmä tehty Hospital ward configuration: Determinants influencing single room provision Report 2004 European union 10/02/2011
Capital investment for health: case studies from Europe Report 2009 European union 06/02/2011
Valon välttämättömyys Article 2010 Finland 06/02/2011
Miten tila vaikuttaa Article 2009 Finland 06/02/2011
Valo vaikuttaa Article 2009 Finland 06/02/2011
Uusi suunta potilashuoneiden rakentamisessa Article 2009 Finland 06/02/2011
Pebble-projekti - aalloista hyökyjä Article 2009 Finland 06/02/2011
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