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The affective benefits of nature exposure: What’s nature got to do with it? Article 2020 United States 31/10/2020
Exploring quality of care in hospital wards : the effect of spatial layout, staff work activities and communication patterns Thesis 2020 Great Britain 31/10/2020
The design of healthcare facilities : knowledge, methods and effectiveness Thesis 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2020
The Nature of Healing: Living Architecture for Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Hospitals Thesis 2019 Canada 31/10/2020
Lived experiences and the design implications for living and dying with dementia in residential aged care facilities Thesis 2019 Australia 27/10/2020
Architecture for Psychiatric Environments and Therapeutic Spaces Book 2014 Netherlands 27/10/2020
The Architecture of Madness: An analysis of English Psychiatric Institutions since the Eighteenth Century Thesis 2017 Great Britain 27/10/2020
Architecture for People With Dementia: Planning Principles, Practices and Future Challenges Book 2014 Saksa 26/10/2020
Medicine’s Melodies: On the Costs & Benefits of Music, Soundscapes, & Noise in Healthcare Settings Article 2019 Great Britain 26/10/2020
Key Principles for Improving Healthcare Environments for People with Dementia Other 2014 Australia 26/10/2020
Physical environments that support the mental health of staff and families in the NICU Article 2020 United States 26/10/2020
Past workshops 2011 - 2019 Other 2019 European union 26/10/2020
Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Other 2019 Great Britain 24/10/2020
Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Intergenerational housing case studies. For Architecture & Design Scotland Other 2019 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Age-friendly Housing: Future Design for Older People Book 2019 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Dumfries Dental Centre Case Study produced by the Healthcare Design Programme. Other 2020 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Adapting Hospitals to Face the Future, A hypothetical study of Raigmore Hospital, testing strategies for hospital renewal to meet the needs of the 21st century. Other 2020 Great Britain 21/10/2020
Fyysinen ympäristö asiakaskokemuksen rakentajana : vertaileva tapaustutkimus kahdesta sosiaalipalvelun asiakastilasta Thesis 2012 Finland 21/10/2020
Taiteistuva sairaala Taiteilijoiden näkemyksiä taiteen merkityksistä Meilahden uudessa lastensairaalassa Thesis 2017 Finland 19/10/2020
Sairaaloista hyvinvointikeitaiksi? : taide ja luonto suomalaisissa sairaalahankkeissa Thesis 2018 Finland 19/10/2020
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