On health care environment (arkkinen)
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A systematic review of access to green spaces in healthcare facilities Article 2018 United States 30/07/2018
A tool for signage placement recommendation in hospitals based on wayfinding metrics Article 2018 Great Britain 13/02/2019
A user-oriented, evidence-based design project of the first Finnish single room ICU: Results of EVICURES project Report 2016 Finland 04/02/2017
Access to daylight and outdoor views: a comparative study for therapeutic daylighting design Article 2010 European union 12/06/2014
Achieving EBD Goals through Flooring Selection & Design Report 2012 United States 07/10/2013
Tiivistelmä tehty Adaptability and innovation in healthcare facilities: Lessons from the past for future developments. The Howard Goodman Fellowship report Report 2009 Great Britain 20/08/2012
Adapting Hospitals to Face the Future Report 2019 Great Britain 31/10/2019
Adapting Hospitals to Face the Future, A hypothetical study of Raigmore Hospital, testing strategies for hospital renewal to meet the needs of the 21st century. Other 2020 Great Britain 21/10/2020
Adjusting an Older Residential Care Facility to Contemporary Dementia Care Visions In proceedings 2016 Great Britain 16/02/2017
Advancing evidence-based healthcare facility design: a systematic literature review Article 2020 United States 15/04/2021
Aesthetics in care environments: the Japanese experience Book 2013 Finland 17/02/2014
Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres Article 2019 Great Britain 11/11/2019
Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres Article 2019 Great Britain 13/09/2020
Affordances in the care environment Article 2012 United States 15/11/2012
Affordances of the Care Environment for People With Dementia—An Assessment Study Article 2012 United States 15/02/2017
Age-friendly Housing: Future Design for Older People Book 2019 Great Britain 22/10/2020
Ageing in place : potentials and restrictions : a case study of the living environment for older people in Oulu Thesis 2015 Finland 24/02/2017
Aging in Place -ajattelua Kontulan uudessa vanhustenkeskuksessa Article 2009 Finland 15/11/2011
Äldres boende - forskningsperspektiv i Norden Book 2012 Sweden 16/10/2012
All designers use evidence. Evidence-Based Design in practise Book 2009 Netherlands 19/09/2011
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