On health care environment (arkkinen)
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Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres Article 2019 Great Britain 13/09/2020
A comparison of nurses' work satisfaction between single-room and multioccupancy adult intensive care units: A mixed-methods integrative review Article 2020 Australia 13/09/2020
How to design psychiatric facilities to foster positive social interaction – A systematic review Article 2019 Great Britain 13/09/2020
Radiology Architecture Project Primer Article 2018 United States 13/09/2020
Transition to a newly constructed single patient room adult intensive care unit - Clinicians' preparation and work experience Article 2018 Canada 13/09/2020
The Role of Space in Patients’ Experience of an Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study Article 2018 Netherlands 13/09/2020
Are we measuring what we ought to measure? A review of tools assessing patient perception of the healthcare built environment and their suitability for oncology spaces Article 2020 Australia 13/09/2020
Virtuaalisen elämysreseptin laatiminen ikääntyneille Thesis 2020 Finland 08/09/2020
Diagnostisering och disciplinering : medicinsk diskurs och kvinnligt vansinne på Själö hospital 1889-1944 Thesis 2006 Finland 08/09/2020
The Architecture and Landscape of Health - A Historical Perspective on Therapeutic Places 1790-1940 Book 2020 United States 08/09/2020
Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design - Improving Care for All Generations Book 2020 United States 08/09/2020
Architecture for Residential Care and Ageing Communities: Spaces for Dwelling and Healthcare Book 2020 United States 08/09/2020
Effects of Art and Design on Orientation in Healthcare Architecture A study of wayfinding and wayshowing in a Swedish hospital setting Thesis 2019 Sweden 08/09/2020
The built environment and its impact on health outcomes and experiences of patients, significant others and staff—A protocol for a systematic review Article 2020 Sweden 02/09/2020
ICU Patient Family Stress Recovery During Breaks in a Hospital Garden and Indoor Environments Article 2019 United States 02/09/2020
Effects of Birthing Room Design on Maternal and Neonate Outcomes: A Systematic Review Article 2020 Sweden 02/09/2020
Reducing hospital cost through better design Report 2019 France 30/08/2020
A Grounded Theoretical Analysis of Room Elements Desired by Family Members and Visitors of Hospitalized Patients: Implications for Medical/Surgical Hospital Patient Room Design Article 2018 United States 30/08/2020
Environmental Needs, Barriers, and Facilitators for Optimal Healing in the Postoperative Process: A Qualitative Study of Patients’ Lived Experiences and Perceptions Article 2020 Netherlands 30/08/2020
Participatory Design, Project Clients, and Healthcare User Groups Article 2020 Australia 29/08/2020
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