On health care environment (arkkinen)
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Tiivistelmä tehty Quality of the physical health care environment Report 2008 Netherlands 09/05/2011
The architecture of hospitals Book 2006 Netherlands 15/06/2011
Open Views: The Operating Room of the Future Book 2012 Netherlands 12/09/2011
All designers use evidence. Evidence-Based Design in practise Book 2009 Netherlands 19/09/2011
Healthcare 2025: Buildings for the future Book 2008 Netherlands 20/09/2011
The hospital as a healing environment Report 2009 Netherlands 27/09/2011
Health care Architecture in the Netherlands Book 2010 Netherlands 21/10/2011
The transformation of healthcare Book 2009 Netherlands 29/11/2011
Meanings of Being Critically Ill in a Sound-Intensive ICU Patient Room - A Phenomenological Hermeneutical Study Article 2012 Netherlands 12/03/2013
Building Differentiation of Hospitals: Layers Approach Report 2007 Netherlands 21/08/2013
Building for a better hospital: Value-adding management & design of healthcare real estate Book 2015 Netherlands 06/02/2017
Healing environment: A review of the impact of physical environmental factors on users Article 2012 Netherlands 10/02/2017
Nurses’ Experience of Patient Care in Multibed Hospital Rooms: Results From In-Depth Interviews With Nurses After Further Education in Anesthesia Article 2018 Netherlands 28/07/2018
Environmental Psychology and Human Well-Being: Effects of Built and Natural Settings Book 2018 Netherlands 14/02/2019
Dementia Lab 2019. Making Design Work: Engaging with Dementia in Context Other 2019 Netherlands 07/11/2019
Environmental Needs, Barriers, and Facilitators for Optimal Healing in the Postoperative Process: A Qualitative Study of Patients’ Lived Experiences and Perceptions Article 2020 Netherlands 30/08/2020
The Role of Space in Patients’ Experience of an Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study Article 2018 Netherlands 13/09/2020
Architecture for Psychiatric Environments and Therapeutic Spaces Book 2014 Netherlands 27/10/2020
AusHFG: Australasian Health Facility Guidelines Other 2012 Australia 04/09/2012
Tiivistelmä tehty The dreamer, the donor and the designer Article 2012 Australia 30/11/2012
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