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 NimiTyyppiVuosiMaaLisätty Descending order
Variables and Outcomes in Patient Room Design: A Study of Design Hypotheses Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 12.5.2021
Visitor’s Experiences of an Evidence-Based Designed Healthcare Environment in an Intensive Care Unit Artikkeli 2020 Ruotsi 12.5.2021
Assessing the Supportiveness of Healthcare Environments’ Light and Color: Development and Validation of the Light and Color Questionnaire (LCQ) Artikkeli 2021 Ruotsi 10.5.2021
Built Environment Airborne Infection Control Strategies in Pandemic Alternative Care Sites Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 10.5.2021
Advancing evidence-based healthcare facility design: a systematic literature review Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 15.4.2021
Virtual Environments for Design Research: Lessons Learned From Use of Fully Immersive Virtual Reality in Interior Design Research Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 14.4.2021
Evidence and affect: employing virtual reality to probe what’s missing from evidence-based design research Artikkeli 2018 Australia 14.4.2021
Tietomallin pelillistäminen ja toiminnallisen suunnittelun menetelmä rakennusten suunnittelun apuna Opinnäytetyö 2021 Suomi 29.3.2021
Framtidens vårdbyggnadsstruktur - Hälso- och sjukvårdsbyggnader i regionerna efter omställningen Raportti 2021 Ruotsi 14.3.2021
Developing Evidence-Based Design Guidelines for Medical/ Surgical Hospital Patient Rooms That Meet the Needs of Staff, Patients, and Visitors Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 14.3.2021
Hospital Patient Room Design: The Issues Facing 23 Occupational Groups Who Work in Medical/ Surgical Patient Rooms Artikkeli 2015 Yhdysvallat 14.3.2021
Potential for Ageing at Home in the Finnish Apartment Building Stock: A Spatial Perspective on Renovation Opinnäytetyö 2021 Suomi 16.2.2021
Research for Dementia and Home Design in Ireland looking at New Build and Retro-Fit Homes from a Universal Design Approach Raportti 2015 Euroopan unioni 1.11.2020
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report - Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing Raportti 2017 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
The Role of Adaptive Immersive Technology in Creating Personalised Environments for Emotional Connection and Preservation of Identity in Dementia Care Artikkeli 2019 Norja 31.10.2020
Envisioning bodies and architectures of care: Reflections on competition designs for older people Artikkeli 2018 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
Ways to harness the built environment of ambulatory cancer facilities for comprehensive patient support: A review of the literature Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 31.10.2020
Distant from Others, but Close to Home: The Relationship between Home Attachment and Mental Health during COVID-19 Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 31.10.2020
The affective benefits of nature exposure: What’s nature got to do with it? Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 31.10.2020
Exploring quality of care in hospital wards : the effect of spatial layout, staff work activities and communication patterns Opinnäytetyö 2020 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
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