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Näytetään julkaisut 61-80 (yhteensä 674)

 NimiTyyppiVuosiMaaLisätty Descending order
Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres Artikkeli 2019 Iso-Britannia 13.9.2020
A comparison of nurses' work satisfaction between single-room and multioccupancy adult intensive care units: A mixed-methods integrative review Artikkeli 2020 Australia 13.9.2020
How to design psychiatric facilities to foster positive social interaction – A systematic review Artikkeli 2019 Iso-Britannia 13.9.2020
Radiology Architecture Project Primer Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 13.9.2020
Transition to a newly constructed single patient room adult intensive care unit - Clinicians' preparation and work experience Artikkeli 2018 Kanada 13.9.2020
The Role of Space in Patients’ Experience of an Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study Artikkeli 2018 Alankomaat 13.9.2020
Are we measuring what we ought to measure? A review of tools assessing patient perception of the healthcare built environment and their suitability for oncology spaces Artikkeli 2020 Australia 13.9.2020
Virtuaalisen elämysreseptin laatiminen ikääntyneille Opinnäytetyö 2020 Suomi 8.9.2020
Diagnostisering och disciplinering : medicinsk diskurs och kvinnligt vansinne på Själö hospital 1889-1944 Opinnäytetyö 2006 Suomi 8.9.2020
The Architecture and Landscape of Health - A Historical Perspective on Therapeutic Places 1790-1940 Kirja 2020 Yhdysvallat 8.9.2020
Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design - Improving Care for All Generations Kirja 2020 Yhdysvallat 8.9.2020
Architecture for Residential Care and Ageing Communities: Spaces for Dwelling and Healthcare Kirja 2020 Yhdysvallat 8.9.2020
Effects of Art and Design on Orientation in Healthcare Architecture A study of wayfinding and wayshowing in a Swedish hospital setting Opinnäytetyö 2019 Ruotsi 8.9.2020
The built environment and its impact on health outcomes and experiences of patients, significant others and staff—A protocol for a systematic review Artikkeli 2020 Ruotsi 2.9.2020
ICU Patient Family Stress Recovery During Breaks in a Hospital Garden and Indoor Environments Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 2.9.2020
Effects of Birthing Room Design on Maternal and Neonate Outcomes: A Systematic Review Artikkeli 2020 Ruotsi 2.9.2020
Reducing hospital cost through better design Raportti 2019 Ranska 30.8.2020
A Grounded Theoretical Analysis of Room Elements Desired by Family Members and Visitors of Hospitalized Patients: Implications for Medical/Surgical Hospital Patient Room Design Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.8.2020
Environmental Needs, Barriers, and Facilitators for Optimal Healing in the Postoperative Process: A Qualitative Study of Patients’ Lived Experiences and Perceptions Artikkeli 2020 Alankomaat 30.8.2020
Participatory Design, Project Clients, and Healthcare User Groups Artikkeli 2020 Australia 29.8.2020
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