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Sairaalahuolto mukana tilasuunnittelussa Artikkeli 2014 Suomi 19.3.2014
The Role of Hospital Design in Reducing Anxiety for Pediatric Patients Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.7.2018
Access to daylight and outdoor views: a comparative study for therapeutic daylighting design Artikkeli 2010 Euroopan unioni 12.6.2014
The Impact of Operating Room Layout on Circulating Nurse’s Work Patterns and Flow Disruptions: A Behavioral Mapping Study Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
State of the Science in Healthcare Design Artikkeli 2017 Yhdysvallat 1.2.2017
Valuing implicit decision-making in participatory design: A relational approach in design with people with dementia Artikkeli 2018 Iso-Britannia 31.7.2018
Optimal spaces for those living with dementia: principles and evidence Artikkeli 2018 Iso-Britannia 31.7.2018
A systematic review of access to green spaces in healthcare facilities Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.7.2018
The Reality of Well-Being-Focused Design in Dementia Care: A Case Study of Acute Dementia Wards in the United Kingdom Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.7.2018
Evaluation of a sound environment intervention in an ICU: A feasibility study Artikkeli 2018 Australia 30.7.2018
ICU nurses' experiences of environmental elements and their meaning for patient care at an ICU: A qualitative content analysis Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
Does the Design of Settings Where Acute Care Is Delivered Meet the Needs of Older People? Perspectives of Patients, Family Carers, and Staff Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
Nurses’ Experience of Patient Care in Multibed Hospital Rooms: Results From In-Depth Interviews With Nurses After Further Education in Anesthesia Artikkeli 2018 Alankomaat 28.7.2018
The impact of windows on the outcomes of medical intensive care unit patients Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
Relocating an intensive care unit: An exploratory qualitative study Artikkeli 2016 Australia 28.7.2018
Private Rooms, Semi-Open Areas, or Open Areas for Chemotherapy Care: Perspectives of Cancer Patients, Families, and Nursing Staff Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
Architecture for Health Is Not Just for Healthcare Architects Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
The Role of Environmental Design in Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Survivorship: A Systematic Literature Review Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
Stressed Spaces: Mental Health and Architecture Artikkeli 2013 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
Ten Trends Transforming Cancer Care and Their Effects on Space Planning for Academic Medical Centers Artikkeli 2015 Yhdysvallat 28.7.2018
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