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Healthy and Sustainable Hospital Evaluation—A Review of POE Tools for Hospital Assessment in an Evidence-Based Design Framework Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 28.4.2019
Housing Design for an Increasingly Older Population: Redefining Assisted Living for the Mentally and Physically Frail Kirja 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.8.2019
Bricks and Morals-Hospital Buildings, Do No Harm. Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 30.8.2019
‘Essentially it's just a lot of bedrooms’: architectural design, prescribed personalisation and the construction of care homes for later life Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.8.2019
Healthcare Architecture as Infrastructure: Open Building in Practice Kirja 2019 Yhdysvallat 3.10.2019
A Study of Relationships Between Content in Documents From Health Service Operational Plans and Documents From the Planning of New Healthcare Environments Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 5.10.2019
Healthcare Facilities in Emerging Countries: The Challenge for India Kirja 2018 Yhdysvallat 5.10.2019
Using Virtual Reality to Compare Design Alternatives Using Subjective and Objective Evaluation Methods Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 5.11.2019
Mock-Ups: Using Experiential Simulation Models in the Healthcare Design Process Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 5.11.2019
User Group Consultation: Design Quality and Project Success Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 5.11.2019
Utilization of a Standardized Post-Occupancy Evaluation to Assess the Guiding Principles of a Major Academic Medical Center Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 5.11.2019
Clinic Design Post-Occupancy Evaluation Toolkit (PDF version) Muu 2015 Yhdysvallat 7.11.2019
Development of Hospice Environmental Assessment Protocol (HEAP): A Post Occupancy Evaluation Tool Opinnäytetyö 2016 Yhdysvallat 7.11.2019
Impact of Nurses Taking Daily Work Breaks in a Hospital Garden on Burnout Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 12.11.2019
Radiology Architecture Project Primer Artikkeli 2017 Yhdysvallat 12.11.2019
Designing Streets for Kids Kirja 2020 Yhdysvallat 14.8.2020
A Grounded Theoretical Analysis of Room Elements Desired by Family Members and Visitors of Hospitalized Patients: Implications for Medical/Surgical Hospital Patient Room Design Artikkeli 2018 Yhdysvallat 30.8.2020
ICU Patient Family Stress Recovery During Breaks in a Hospital Garden and Indoor Environments Artikkeli 2019 Yhdysvallat 2.9.2020
Architecture for Residential Care and Ageing Communities: Spaces for Dwelling and Healthcare Kirja 2020 Yhdysvallat 8.9.2020
Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design - Improving Care for All Generations Kirja 2020 Yhdysvallat 8.9.2020
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