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Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Intergenerational housing case studies. For Architecture & Design Scotland Muu 2019 Iso-Britannia 22.10.2020
Town Centre Living: A Caring Place Muu 2019 Iso-Britannia 24.10.2020
Past workshops 2011 - 2019 Muu 2019 Euroopan unioni 26.10.2020
Physical environments that support the mental health of staff and families in the NICU Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 26.10.2020
Key Principles for Improving Healthcare Environments for People with Dementia Muu 2014 Australia 26.10.2020
Medicine’s Melodies: On the Costs & Benefits of Music, Soundscapes, & Noise in Healthcare Settings Artikkeli 2019 Iso-Britannia 26.10.2020
Architecture for People With Dementia: Planning Principles, Practices and Future Challenges Kirja 2014 Saksa 26.10.2020
The Architecture of Madness: An analysis of English Psychiatric Institutions since the Eighteenth Century Opinnäytetyö 2017 Iso-Britannia 27.10.2020
Architecture for Psychiatric Environments and Therapeutic Spaces Kirja 2014 Alankomaat 27.10.2020
Lived experiences and the design implications for living and dying with dementia in residential aged care facilities Opinnäytetyö 2019 Australia 27.10.2020
The Nature of Healing: Living Architecture for Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Hospitals Opinnäytetyö 2019 Kanada 31.10.2020
The design of healthcare facilities : knowledge, methods and effectiveness Opinnäytetyö 2019 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
Exploring quality of care in hospital wards : the effect of spatial layout, staff work activities and communication patterns Opinnäytetyö 2020 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
The affective benefits of nature exposure: What’s nature got to do with it? Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 31.10.2020
Distant from Others, but Close to Home: The Relationship between Home Attachment and Mental Health during COVID-19 Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 31.10.2020
Ways to harness the built environment of ambulatory cancer facilities for comprehensive patient support: A review of the literature Artikkeli 2020 Yhdysvallat 31.10.2020
Envisioning bodies and architectures of care: Reflections on competition designs for older people Artikkeli 2018 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
The Role of Adaptive Immersive Technology in Creating Personalised Environments for Emotional Connection and Preservation of Identity in Dementia Care Artikkeli 2019 Norja 31.10.2020
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report - Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing Raportti 2017 Iso-Britannia 31.10.2020
Research for Dementia and Home Design in Ireland looking at New Build and Retro-Fit Homes from a Universal Design Approach Raportti 2015 Euroopan unioni 1.11.2020
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