On health care environment (arkkinen)

What is Arkkinen?

Arkkinen is a free communication channel gathering up information on publications and events. In addition Arkkinen provides links to Finnish and foreign actors on the field.

The contents of Arkkinen are provided by Finnish Office for Health Technology Assessment (Finohta), which is a part of National Institute for Health and Welfare. Finohta produces and disseminates scientific evidence on health care technologies and practices.

What is evidende based design (EBD)?

EBD is a process for the explicit and judicious use of current best evidence from research and practice in the making of decisions, together with an informed client, about the design of each individual project. (Hamilton & Watkins. 2009. Evidence-Based Design for Multiple Building Types. Wiley.)

How are the contents of Arkkinen produced?

The inclusion of new and topical articles, publications and events in Arkkinen is done by following Finnish and foreign organizations and the press. We also aim at improving the availability of thesis by picking out relevant works from the databases of universities and academies.

What is the publication database of Arkkinen?

The publication database of Arkkinen contains the basic information of selected Finnish and foreign reports, articles, books and thesis published in Finnish, Swedish or English (at least the abstract). The amount of the information saved to Arkkinen varies, since according to the copyright legislation, the use of the contents and links requires permission from the author or the publisher.

In addition to basic data (e.g. reference, classifications, keywords), Finnish description, summary, table of contents or other material relevant to the publication have been added to some of the publications. The description or summary is mainly written of the publications, where all the available electronic information is by subscription only (which is the case of many books). The architect of Finohta is responsible for choosing the publications and writing the descriptions.